McCaskill Says GOP Senators Believe Trump Is ‘Nuts’

The Republican Party is being held hostage by a madman.

GOP voters (especially those who vote in primaries) love Donald Trump. Yet GOP members of Congress know the truth: he is “nuts.”

Republican elected officials who know the truth about our unhinged president can’t speak that truth in public. If they do, the Trump-loving party faithful will rise in protest and boot them out of office in their next primary election. Some may even issue threats of physical harm for daring to criticize their beloved leader, who they believe can do no wrong.

And now Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who lost her race for re-election this year, has thrown some gasoline on the fire. In an interview with CNN, she said that her GOP colleagues in Congress believe Trump is “nuts” but they will only say that in private. They will never express their true feelings in public for fear of retribution from members of their own party.

While criticizing the president, McCaskill also had some harsh words for for the Republican Party.

She warned that “history will judge some of my Republican colleagues harshly that they didn’t stand up to this President at some of the moments where he has been unhinged about particularly the rule of law.”

The retiring senator also expressed her opinion that GOP senators have privately conceded they can’t speak out publicly against Trump because of backlash they’d receive from their base. She said:

“Now they’ll tell you, if it’s just the two of you, ‘The guy is nuts, he doesn’t have a grasp of the issues, he’s making rash decisions, he’s not listening to people who know the subject matter.’ But in public if they go after him … they know they get a primary, and they know that’s tough.”

McCaskill did not name individual Republicans, but CNN did ask her about GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. She said: “It’s kind of weird to me, Graham’s  alliance with Trump. I don’t know what happened with Lindsey.”

But, she added, “Make no mistake about it. This is Donald Trump‘s Republican Party.”

And speaking of the president, she said “He’s the master of, ‘I’m going to do so much stuff that’s crazy that nobody notices crazy anymore.’ “