Matt Whitaker Busted For Lying About Academic Honors


Trump‘s acting attorney general Matt Whitaker was found to his lied about his academic honors and credentials.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Matthew Whitaker, the acting U.S. Attorney General, has incorrectly claimed on his résumé and in government documents to have been named an Academic All-American while playing football at the University of Iowa, according to the documents and the organization that awards that honor.


Mr. Whitaker, who was a tight end on the Iowa team from 1990 to 1992, claimed to have been an Academic All-American in his biography on his former law firm’s website and on a résumé sent in 2014 to the chief executive of a now-closed patent-marketing firm, for which he sat on the advisory board. The résumé was included in documents released last month by the Federal Trade Commission.

Matt Whitaker would have been busted by the Senate if he would have been up for confirmation

Someone who lies on their resume should not be the top law enforcement officer in the country. Whitaker would have been easily caught by the Senate if he would have been offered up for confirmation instead of appointed as an acting attorney general by Trump. It is not surprising that Whitaker lied because only the lowest character individuals would ever work for this president.
Matt Whitaker is going to subpoenaed to testify in front of the House in a matter of weeks. Whitaker was clearly placed in a position that he is not qualified to hold to act as Trump’s mole and tell the president everything that he wants to know about the Mueller investigation.

If the House wasn’t going to investigate Whitaker before, they have a whole new reason to after it was discovered that he has been lying about his academic honors to get jobs and promotions.

The trouble only grows for Trump and his cabal of corruption.

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