Obama Has The Most Popular Video Of 2018 As Trump Withers In White House

As Donald Trump whines about being alone with his government shutdown, Barack Obama had the top Reuters video of 2018.

The most popular video from Reuters of 2018 was Obama visiting a bakery that supports veterans:

Meanwhile, the current occupant of the Oval Office is whining about how he is alone with his government shutdown over the holidays:

Obama is Thriving, Trump is Withering, and America is Longing for a real president.

The reason why the Obamas were named the most respected man and woman, and they have some of the most popular videos in America is that they have continued to represent the values of community, class, and decency that they embodied in the White House for eight years. The vast majority of Americans miss Barack and Michelle Obama because they represented competency and love for country.

Trump is withering under the weight of his own hate, corruption, and crime in the White House.

When the 2020 election comes, the big question won’t be about the economy or policies. The election is likely to turn on a rejection of the sort of leaderless selfish and broken presidency that Trump has thrust on to the country. Americans will go to the polls asking themselves not am I better off than I was four years ago, but what kind of person do we want in the White House?

The Obama viral video represents a yearning for a better president to lead the country and a rejection of what Trump has tried to make America become.

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