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Trump Tweets Conspiracies And Whines About Being Alone As Workers Suffer From His Shutdown

As hundreds of thousands of government workers continue to suffer from Donald Trump‘s government shutdown, the president is tweeting conspiracy theories and whining about being alone in the White House.

In a pair of Twitter posts on Saturday morning, the childish commander-in-chief revived already-debunked nonsense about the Mueller investigation and again repeated that he is “in the White House waiting” for someone to save him from the mess he created.

According to the Washington Post, Trump‘s allegation that Mueller deleted nearly 20,000 text messages is completely false. As MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin pointed out on Saturday, there is no evidence that messages were hidden from investigators, and the thousands of text messages referenced by Trump were actually found, not lost.

His second rambling that essentially blames Democrats for the shutdown is even more ridiculous.

Not only did Trump himself admit that if the government shuttered it would be his fault, but his childish stunt has actually reduced border security because it leads to fewer agents being in the field.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of workers are suffering

While Donald Trump whines about the shutdown he brought upon himself, hundreds of thousands of workers are suffering during the holiday season.

According to CNN, “A quarter of the federal government will likely begin the new year out of work or working without pay.”

The report adds, “For the 380,000 federal employees on furlough and the other 420,000 working without pay, this means it’s time to start making plans for how to pay January bills without the promise of their next paycheck as part of the government remains shutdown.”

Donald Trump can continue to whine on Twitter about his personal woes, but hundreds of thousands of American workers aren’t going to give a damn about his tantrums over a border wall when they can’t pay their own bills.

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