Conservative Columnist Asks For Barf Bag After Seeing Trump’s Cabinet Praise Him Like A Dictator


Conservative columnist Mona Charen had some harsh criticism for Donald Trump’s cabinet on Wednesday after they met for the first time of the new year.

In the meeting, Trump officials were quick to heap praise on the president as if they’re working for some third-world dictator.

“Look, honestly, you do wonder, do they keep the barf bags underneath the table there at those cabinet meetings?” Charen said during an interview with Chris Hayes.



Charen said:

Look, honestly, you do wonder, do they keep the barf bags underneath the table there at those cabinet meetings? It’s just beyond belief – the toadee-ing, and the lack of self-respect. Now, admittedly, this is already the “B” team and some of them are “C” team, but that is the part — look, Mike Pence used to be a man a long time ago and look at what he has become. It’s a really lamentable display, I’m sorry to say.

The blind praise of Trump is unprecedented

It’s typical for a president’s staff to support his or her agenda, but the level of suck-uppery we see on display in front of Trump is unprecedented – and scary.

That’s because part of the job description when you work for this administration is that you must blindly and publicly support Trump no matter what he says and does. If you don’t, you lose your job. It’s partly why no adults remain in this White House.

It’s the stuff of authoritarian regimes, not democracies.

As former Obama White House cabinet secretary Chris Lu said on Wednesday, “If one of us, whether staff or cabinet, had ever done something like this, we would have been mercilessly mocked by President Obama, and in the Trump administration, this gets you the job of attorney general.”

That was put on full display on Wednesday as Trump’s cabinet members left their self-respect at the door before meeting with their boss.

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