Pelosi and Schumer Just Owned Trump and McConnell On The Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came out of their meeting at the White House and wrecked Trump along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Leader Pelosi said, “We have given — we have given the Republicans a chance to take yes for an answer. We have taken their proposals unamended by any house bipartisan amendments, but just staying true to what the Senate has already done. Our question to the president and to the Republicans is, why don’t you accept what you have already done to open up government, and that enables us to have 30 days to negotiate for border security. Democrats have been committed to protecting our borders. It’s the oath of office we take to protect and defend. It has been very important to us, and we have committed resources to it. When we were in the majority. And we’ll continue to do so.”


Senate Democratic Leader Schumer said, “So the bottom line is very we asked the president to support the bills that we support that will open up we asked him to give us one good reason — I asked him directly. I said, Mr. President, give me one good reason why you should continue your shutdown of the eight cabinet departments while we are debating our differences on homeland security? He could not give a good answer. So we would hope that they would reconsider and would support the very bills that pass the Senate. Four of them 92-6. Two out of them unanimously in the appropriations committee with Mitch Mcconnell’s support. The only reason that they are shutting down the government is very simple. They want to try and leverage that shutdown into their proposals on border security. We want strong border security. We believe ours are better. But to use the shutdown as hostage, which they had no argument against, is wrong. And we would urge them respectfully to reconsider and support these bills which are bipartisan, one of which Mitch Mcconnell proposed, open up the government, as we continue to debate what is the best way to secure our borders.”

Pelosi and Schumer are routing Trump and McConnell

Trump made it easy for Democrats as soon as he blew up and took responsibility for the shutdown. Democrats aren’t asking for anything. All they want is for Republicans to support their own legislation that they have already passed. Democrats have no demands. It is Trump who is trying to move the goalposts and get funding for his wall.

Democrats have not moved an inch. They are going to give Trump nothing for the wall, and they are restoring the power of Congress to check this president.

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