Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Gets Absolutely Nothing For The Wall

Before she walked into the meeting with Trump, soon to be Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said that Trump would get absolutely nothing for his wall.

Here was the exchange between Pelosi and Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today:

Guthrie: Are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall?

Pelosi: No.

Guthrie: Because apparently, that’s the sticking point.

Pelosi: We’re talking about border security.

Guthrie: Nothing for the wall but that means it’s a nonstarter.

Pelosi: No. How many more times am I saying no? Nothing for the wall.


How many millions of ways can Pelosi find to drive it into Trump’s thick head that he is not getting any money for his wall?

Incoming Speaker Pelosi has been incredibly consistent from day one. She has not budged off of her original position that Donald Trump will not get a single dollar out of the House of Representatives to pay for his wall.
The “briefing” in the situation room is all for show.

Trump is trying to make his imaginary border crisis a reality and convince Democrats that they must support his wall. Trump is the one who made the promise that he couldn’t keep that Mexico would pay for the wall. It is not Nancy Pelosi’s job to dig Trump out of the hole that he created with his supporters.

The wall isn’t happening. Period.

Pelosi is hanging tough and it only a matter of time until Trump has to back down.

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