Trump Is Showing He’s Totally Terrified Of Nancy Pelosi

Trump has adopted a different tone with Nancy Pelosi that is a sign that he is scared of the incoming Speaker of the House who has the power to break him.

Ari Melber said on his MSNBC show The Beat:

While Donald Trump has made a lot of noise about a lot of people he doesn’t get along with including Mitt Romney. There are signs we want to show you he seems to now realize the incoming speaker has real power and he’s got to deal with her. Note how trump’s tune has changed when dealing with Pelosi or talking about her from the Oval Office to interviews on Fox.


It is early in this new chapter but as you see there Donald Trump doing something that’s rare. Skipping the opportunity from a forced fed Fox News question to lit back at someone while Pelosi has seemed to take a page from Trump’s own playbook, The Art Of The Deal. Remember that in that book he wrote bullies may act tough but they are really closet cowards. The only people bullies push around are the ones they know they can beat. Confront a bully and in most cases, he’ll fold like a deck of cards.


Ari Melber brought up a great point. It is easy to tell who scares Trump based on how he talks about them. Trump is going out of his way not to attack Pelosi because she has the ability to make or break the president. If she agreed to money for his wall, which she won’t, Trump would be set up with his base for the 2020 election. There is also the impeachment question. Nancy Pelosi controls whether or not Democrats investigate and pursue impeachment against Donald Trump.

For the first time since he entered politics, Trump is facing an American who has power over him, and it is Donald Trump who appears to be folding like a deck of cards.

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