Elizabeth Warren Shows She’s Ready To Fight With Strong Takedown Of Trump’s Grifter Presidency

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren proved on Wednesday that even though some pundits have already dismissed her candidacy as a long shot, she would make a formidable challenger to Donald Trump.

She took direct aim at what she called two years of Trump scamming and grifting the American people right before our eyes.

“We have lived through two years of one scammer and grifter after another, running federal agencies, running our federal government,” Warren said. “And we have lived through two more years of giant tax giveaways to the billionaires, to big corporations, and a harder and harder squeeze on working families.”

“This isn’t about me.” 

Warren was also asked by Maddow why she would seek the presidency when she has a safe Senate seat in a blue state like Massachusetts.

“This isn’t about me,” the Democratic senator responded. “This is about tens of millions of families across this country who are getting cheated.”

“This is truly about what kind of a country we’re going to be,” Warren said.

Warren’s message could resonate everywhere

After this corrupt president has spent nearly two years making everything about him, Warren’s message of putting the focus back on the cheated middle class could resonate everywhere – not just in blue states.

Her long record of taking on the forces that repeatedly screw over the middle class combined with her willingness to take the fight directly to Trump make her a strong candidate.

There is a wide range of potential nominees in the Democratic field that could defeat Trump in 2020 – from Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke to Kamala Harris and Sherrod Brown – but Elizabeth Warren proved on Wednesday that she could be a strong nominee to send Donald Trump packing.

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