Calls Grow For Donald Trump To Be Criminally Indicted


There are a growing number of calls for Donald Trump to be indicted as Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi opened the door to Trump being indicted during an interview on Today when she said that Justice Department’s guidance that a sitting president can’t be indicted is not conclusive.

On MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) expanded on Pelosi’s statement, “This is an exciting and hopeful day at the House, but we’re already at work an trying to end the shutdown. Next up is demanding accountability from Trump and his corrupt administration. I think the speaker is correct, but the basic principle is not all the fine details that probably do need more study of the legal memos but the principle that no person, not even Donald Trump is above the that’s what we need to be speaking out about. And I don’t think we ought to write off the possibility that the president could be indicted.”



A Trump Indictment Is More Possible Than Ever Before

If Mueller tried to indict Trump, the indictment would be challenged and the question would be settled by the Supreme Court. Outside of the Department of Justice guidance, it remains an open question, but it speaks volumes about Trump’s political standing that on the day that Democrats formally took control of the House one of the questions that they are facing involves whether or not the President Of The United States can be criminally indicted.

The calls for Trump to be indicted are growing and they are getting louder by the day.

It is possible that any indictment of Trump would remain under seal until after he leaves office, but if Trump were to be indicted, he would not win a second term, and his political career would be over.

The questions about indicting Trump aren’t going away, and Democrats are showing their support for Mueller if he decides to indict Donald Trump.

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