Nancy Pelosi Turns The Tables And Crushes Trump On The Shutdown

Speaker Pelosi immediately turned the tables on Trump and Mitch McConnell by announcing that the House will vote on the Republican spending bill to reopen the government.

Pelosi said, “Let us pledge when we disagree we respect each other and we respect the truth. We will debate and advance good ideas no matter where they come from. In that spirit, Democrats will be offering the Senate Republican appropriations legislation to re-open government later today. We will do so to meet the needs of the American people. To protect our borders and to respect our workers.”


Trump is playing go fish, while Nancy Pelosi is playing chess.

Pelosi has painted Trump into a corner. Trump can veto a bill that every single Republican Senator voted for, and own the government shutdown, or he can sign the bill and get absolutely nothing for his wall. Trump is a no-win situation. The blame for the shutdown is landing more on him with each passing day. His efforts to blame the Democrats have completely failed. Trump has nowhere to go but down on this issue.

Trump isn’t getting his wall, and it took Nancy Pelosi less than a day in power to outmaneuver him.

There is a meeting at the White House on Friday, but Pelosi has given Trump one way out, and it is her way that includes no funding for his wall.

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