Republicans Flee Trump And Try To Cut Shutdown Deal Behind His Back

Trump is raging because Republicans in his own party are making offers to Democrats to cut a deal to end the shutdown behind his back.

Robert Costa tweeted:

Republicans never wanted this shutdown in the first place. They don’t support Trump’s wall, and they know that when the economic pain of this shutdown begins to be felt, the blame is going to come down on them, so it makes sense that they are trying to cut a deal with Democrats.

The Democrats have zero incentive to negotiate with Trump and the White House. Pelosi and Schumer know that Senate Republicans don’t want a months or years-long shutdown like Trump threatened. Democrats are dividing and conquering. Trump can’t hold the Republicans together behind him, so it is only a matter of time before they rebel and put the heat on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to make a deal.

Democrats aren’t going to give Trump one penny for the wall, so the deal is probably the same $1.3 billion that the Senate already passed for border security.

The bottom line is that Republicans are leaving Trump, and trying to make their own deal, as the Democratic win on the shutdown is becoming a rout.

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