Trump Blames Obama And Democrats For His Felonies

Trump tied himself into knots trying to blame Obama and Democrats for the felonies that he committed with Michael Cohen.

Trump tweeted:

The president has retreated back to one of his favorite sets of false statements. Obama and the Democrats never engaged in a felony conspiracy to obtain an illegal benefit for a presidential campaign, and then launder the money to hide the gift to the campaign.

The Obama campaign was fined by the FEC for missing a filing deadline during the 2012 campaign.

Michael Avenatti replied to Trump and explained why he and his “idiot fixer” engaged in a criminal conspiracy:

Trump is trying to muddy the waters with lies and false comparisons.

The President Of The United States is connected to multiple felonies. The last time a situation like this occurred was during the administration of Richard Nixon. The Trump comparisons to Obama, Bush, the Democratic Party, or anyone else are a smokescreen. There is no one to blame for the president’s felonies, but Donald Trump.

Trump isn’t being unfairly singled out. He is being investigated like the potential felon that he is.

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