Democrats Tighten The Screws As Trump Lies About Shutdown Progress

Trump sent out a tweet touting the progress being made toward ending the shutdown. The problem is that none of it was true.

Trump tweeted:

Trump‘s tweet made it sound like progress was being made, but CNN‘s Manu Raju tweeted:

Democrats have rejected Trump’s steel barrier as a non-starter, and are sticking with their position of no wall.

Trump is lying because he is losing

Fox News Sunday grilled Sarah Sanders over the shutdown/a>, and if Trump loses Fox, his base will soon follow. Trump has overestimated the support for his wall. He has overreached, and now he is toying with declaring a national emergency to build his wall because he has no other options left.

Trump is trying to create false hope that the shutdown will end soon because the political pressure is getting to him. There is no progress. The White House will have to reopen the government before Democrats will talk money for border security, and that appropriation will not involve cash for the wall.

Trump is losing, so he is spinning, but he can’t hide the fact that his defeat is inevitable as long as he keeps demanding cash for his wall.

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