White House Admits Trump Border Address Will Be A Waste Of Time

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that a White House official told her that Trump’s immigration address will make no news, which means that it will be a waste of time.

Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House, “As Aaron Blake is suggesting and I’m sure Bob Costa knows better than me, they didn’t have the audacity to stay tune in there’s news. I heard a white house official say there would be no news. There’s no penalty to monitoring the stream of words and sounds coming from the president’s mouth and checking them first, is there?”


There Is No Reason For The Networks To Give Trump Airtime

If Trump isn’t going to make news, there is no crisis at the border and there are zero reasons for the networks to give Donald Trump a single moment of primetime airtime. If Trump wants to rally his base over the shutdown, he can do it on Fox News. He doesn’t need the platform of the broadcast cable networks.

Trump wanted to use the Oval Office to spread his lies and misinformation about what is happening on the border. There is no border crisis, but Trump wants to use a national address to create the rationale for his declaration of a national emergency so that he can try to build his wall without Congressional approval.

This is a giant waste of time, and the networks should tell Trump no.

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