Donald Trump Jr. Is Going Down As New Evidence Shows He Committed A Crime

According to Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe, the latest Russia evidence reveals that Donald Trump Jr. committed a crime when he solicited help from the Kremlin.

Tribe said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

The Veselnitskaya part is probably less profound than the manafort part, but I agree with Glenn that Veselnitskaya is now clearly exposed as an agent of the Kremlin so that when an offer was made at that infamous trump tower meeting of e-mails from Hillary Clinton, the offer that Donald Jr. Said he would love if it came at the right time in the campaign, we now know that that’s basically an offer of help from the Kremlin and a violation of American law, which forbids accepting offers or soliciting offers of foreign help.


It means that the president’s son and the head of the president’s campaign and the president’s son-in-law, all of those people were soliciting help, not just from some random Russian but from the Kremlin.


The Trump Tower Meeting Deniability Is Dead

Trump, his kids, and his campaign can no longer say that they never met with any Russian agents. Veselnitskaya was an agent of the Kremlin. She was acting on behalf of the Russian government. Trump and his family were soliciting help from a hostile foreign power in a US presidential election.

What Donald Trump Jr. did is a felony. Trump Jr. broke the law, and it feels like only a matter of time until he is indicted. The other aspect of this wrinkle in the Russia scandal is that President Trump obstructed justice by with the infamous letter that claimed that the meeting was about adoptions.

The Trump actively shopped for help from Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. It is against the law, and Donald Trump Jr. should be going down for his crimes.

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