Manafort Offered Russians Briefings On Trump’s Campaign

Paul Manafort’s lawyers failed to properly redact their filing and revealed that Manafort offered to brief the Russians on the Trump campaign.

Jon Swaine of The Guardian tweeted:

Laura Rozen followed up:

The Trump campaign was an open door to the Russians

We now know why Paul Manafort didn’t take a salary while working on the Trump campaign. Manafort was trying to work off his debts to the Russians by providing them access and info on the Trump campaign. None of this answers the question which is at the center of the Russia investigation. Why were the Russians so interested in Trump?

The Russians weren’t interested in Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, or John Kasich, but they had a keen interest in Trump. The president’s claim that his campaign did nothing wrong is toast.

The Russia/Trump relationship goes back to long before the presidential campaign. Russia wanted Trump to win. The Russians were illegally helping Trump to win. There are only a few missing pieces left in the puzzle. They are what did Trump know, and was he engaged in a criminal conspiracy with the Russians to win a presidential election.

Trump is hanging on by a thread, and Robert Mueller already has answers that could lead to the snap of the final strands of the Trump presidency.

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