Donald Trump Jr. Is Telling Friends That He’s About To Be Indicted By Mueller

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly telling his friends that he is going to be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

The reporting that the president’s eldest son could be indicted has long been part of the rumor mill, but it was reignited on Tuesday by former MSNBC host Touré, who tweeted the news.

Given the increasing expectation that Don Jr. is in major legal trouble, it’s no surprise that he may be telling those close to him that he expects to be indicted.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out a short time ago, citing new evidence, Don Jr. committed a felony when he solicited help from the Russians in 2016.

Ultimately, the real revelation from Toure’s tweet on Tuesday is not that Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted. It’s that he has friends.

Trump can’t distract his way out of legal trouble

Despite Trump’s effort on Tuesday to distract the American people with a primetime speech about nothing, there was no shortage of big news coming from the Mueller investigation.

Among the flurry of news is the eye-opening development that Paul Manafort gave Russians polling and other internal campaign data in 2016 – and Donald Trump knew about it.

It’s no surprise, then, that Rudy Giuliani is reportedly bracing for a final report from Mueller’s office that could be devastating for Trump.

More from Vanity Fair:

The shutdown has pushed the Russia investigation out of the news cycle. But Trumpworld knows it hasn’t gone away. Rudy Giuliani recently told a friend that he expects Mueller’s report to be “horrific,” a person briefed on the conversation said (Giuliani did not respond to a request for comment). “You’re already hearing people speculate Trump could do a deal and resign.”

Once again, it’s clear that while the media and the American people might be focused on the government shutdown brought about by Trump’s temper tantrum over a border wall, Mueller is tuning it all out.

The real emergency isn’t happening along the southern border. It’s happening inside the walls of the White House as Robert Mueller looks poised to sink this president and his family.

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