Trump Warned He’ll Lose In Court If He Declares Emergency For The Wall


Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) warned Trump that if he tries to declare a national emergency to get his wall, he is likely to lose in court.

Coons said:



Trump can declare the emergency, but the problem comes when he tries to move the money to fund construction of the wall. Democrats and Republicans agree that any appropriation of funds for the wall, even if it is existing funds that were budgeted within a department for another purpose, must be approved by Congress.

If Trump tries to go around Congress to get his wall, he is going to get sued, and it is likely that he will lose.

House Democrats have legal standing and they are already planning on taking Trump to court if he tries this move. It is a certainty that an injunction will be immediately granted blocking Trump from building his wall.

Trump is trying to trample the Constitution, which is why if he tries this stunt, he will lose.

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