Chuck Schumer Unloads On Trump For Temper Tantrum Meeting Walkout


Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer ripped Trump for unpresidential behavior as he walked out of a meeting because Democrats won’t fund his wall.

Sen. Schumer (D-NY) said:

Unfortunately, the president just got up and walked out. He asked speaker Pelosi will you agree to my wall, she said no. And he just got up and said then we have nothing to discussion, — discuss and he walked out. He had a temper tantrum because he could not get his way and he walked out of the meeting. I asked him to open up the government, that tomorrow, so many people will have trouble paying their mortgages, paying their bills, dealing with situations when they don’t get paid, and I said just why won’t you do that and we’ll continue to discuss, we’ll discuss anything, and he said “If I open up the government you won’t do what I want.” T


That is cruel. That is callous, and that is using millions of innocent people as pawns. And it was wrong. And then a few minutes later he sort of slammed the table, and when leader Pelosi said she didn’t agree with the wall, he just walked out and said we have nothing to discuss. He said it was a waste of his time. That is sad and unfortunate. We want to come to an agreement. We believe in border security. We have different views, we offered the president our proposals that sat on his disk for several weeks. But this was a really, really unfortunate and in my junction, somewhat unbecoming of the presidency.


Trump admitted that he is holding government workers hostage

Trump admitted to the Democrats that government workers are his hostages, and he won’t release them until he gets his wall. It is simple. There is going to be no congressional funding for the wall. Democrats have told Trump this over and over again. Senate Republicans want Trump to declare a national emergency to get them off of the hook, but that won’t hold up in court.

The adults in Congress are telling Trump, no, so he is taking his ball and going home.

The poor little rich boy is throwing a fit because Democrats won’t allow him to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a wall that he promised Mexico would pay for.

Donald Trump is falling apart, and he is taking the Republican Party down with him.

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