The GOP Is Getting Ready To Bolt On Trump As 800,000 Workers Brace For No Paychecks

According to Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, Republicans in Congress are likely going to start breaking ranks this week as hundreds of thousands of government workers will miss their paychecks.

The Democrat told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that he expects the missing pays to add fuel to the disastrous political dumpster fire Trump has caused by shutting down the government over his vanity wall.

“I think that’s going to increase the pressure on Senators and House members to do what needs to be done here,” Sen. Coons said. “So I expect you’ll start seeing folks break ranks.”


Sen. Coons said:

Just today, there was another attempt at negotiation at the White House where he apparently stormed out. So there are pathways out of this. But the president needs to hear yes. Friday, we’re going to have 800,000 federal employees and their families miss a paycheck, and I think that’s going to really increase the pressure on senators and house members to do what needs to be done here. So I expect you’ll start seeing folks break ranks.

People don’t want a wall. They want money to support their families.

The wall has always been nothing but an empty talking point meant to stir up fear and anger among Trump voters, but it has very little connection to the lives of the average American.

Most Americans, regardless of party, care about the same things: making enough money to feed their family, send their children to school and afford health care.

Trump’s shutdown is making it harder for hundreds of thousands of Americans to do those things. Unlike the wall, that isn’t some abstract political punch line. It’s something very real that workers will feel.

The president may like to think that he has the united support of GOP lawmakers, but the political calculus is about to change this week when nearly a million Americans will be forced to go without paychecks.

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