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Rush Limbaugh Calls Ocasio-Cortez a ‘Young Uppity’

Rush Limbaugh seems to be slightly afraid of new congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. The conservative radio host added to the increasing right-wing meltdown over the young but outspoken Democrat by complaining that the she is “uppity.”

For decades Limbaugh has been widely known for his racism and sexism, and is now throwing his trademark emotional fits about Ocasio-Cortez who is not only young and outspoken but also attractive and extremely intelligent.

Limbaugh is now claiming (with no evidence whatsoever) that Democratic leaders in Washington don’t like Ocasio-Cortez. He said that other Democrats are “not hip to this young, bunch of millennials pouring in here and some of these other radicals.”

He ended his unhinged rant by saying:

“They’re not going to let some young uppity come in here and upset the apple cart.”

“Uppity” has historically been used as a racial slur, and applied to blacks and other minorities who don’t seem to “know their place” in a white-dominated society.

Limbaugh has previously described former first lady Michelle Obama as showing “uppity-ism.”

The Democratic Socialist — and very progressive — Ocasio-Cortez has become a target for conservative commentators on Fox News and other media outlets. Since winning her primary against an established Democratic opponent she has been aggressively promoting progressive policies and ideas and the agenda of Senator Bernie Sanders.

One very right-wing Fox News host Lou Dobbs, called the 29-year-old member of Congress a “little girl.” His coworker Sean Hannity — who earned a reported $30 million in 2018 — fretted that she will stop the super-rich from buying boats and “taking expensive vacations.” Conservatives have even complained about her dancing.

The new congresswoman has brilliantly responded to her Republican detractors with witty commentaries on social media, and has posted videos making fun of their obsession with her.

Limbaugh has a rabid right-wing fan base and still exerts influence over Republican politicians, including Donald Trump. It is fully expected that he will attack new Democratic members of Congress, especially women and minorities.

The fact that he is attacking Ocasio-Cortez is probably a sign that he sees her as a legitimate threat. It will do nothing but improve her reputation and standing within the Democratic Party, which is not what Limbaugh intended to do with his racist remarks.

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