Senate Republicans Abandon Trump After Immigration Address Disaster

A group of moderate Senate Republicans is moving to push to reopen the government without the wall after Trump’s immigration address disaster.

The GOP moderates are ready to bail:

Meanwhile, in presidential fantasy land, Trump has no clue what is going on:

Here is where we stand.

Trump’s immigration address was a total disaster. The president has admitted that he never wanted to give the speech and blamed Sarah Sanders for the whole thing. Democrats hold all of the cards. The pressure is growing on Senate Republicans because 800,000 government workers aren’t going to be paid on Friday.

Mitch McConnell is the only person standing in the way of a bill that would reopen the government passing the Senate and being sent to Trump’s desk without the wall.

If enough Republican Senators bail, expect them to join Democrats in trying to force a vote on a wall free bill to reopen the government. McConnell may have no choice soon, but to cave to the demands of the Senate. Trump is on Capitol Hill trying to keep Senate Republicans in line.

The whole fiasco is coming to a head. Republicans are ready to bolt, and if they leave, the shutdown will belong to Trump and Trump alone.

Since Trump’s immigration address, things have gone from bad to worse for the GOP.

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