Trump Just Screwed Up And Lost The Court Case On His Emergency Wall


Trump told reporters that he hasn’t declared a national emergency for his wall because he wants a deal with Congress, which means that there is no emergency.

Trump was asked if it is an emergency, why doesn’t he declare a national emergency?

The president answered, “Because I would like to do the deal through Congress and because sense to do it through Congress. But the easy route for me would have been to call a national emergency and do it. And I will tell you, this is a tremendous crisis at the border. Look at President Obama’s statements from the past. Numerous statements where he calls it a crisis. This is a crisis. You have human trafficking. You have drugs. You have criminals coming in. You have gangs, ms-13. We’re taking them out by the thousand and bringing them back. This is a crisis. And they don’t come in at the checkpoints which they do also, but they go in between the checkpoints where you don’t have any barriers.”



Trump admitted that the national emergency is that Congress won’t give him what he wants

Trump is right. He probably can declare a national emergency, but he is going to get sued immediately by Democrats in Congress because he doesn’t have the constitutional power to move or appropriate funds for the construction of his wall. Trump admitted that there is no emergency. He is mad because Congress won’t give him his wall, so he is going to try to violate the Constitution to get it.

Trump’s words this morning are going to be used against him in court. His statement that he is only declaring a national emergency because won’t fund his wall will be used as evidence that the crisis doesn’t exist.

Once again, Trump has caused another self-inflicted wound with his mouth.

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