It Took Ari Melber Less Than A Minute To Destroy Trump’s Fake Emergency

It took MSNBC’s Ari Melber less than a minute to expose Donald Trump’s claims of an emergency on the border as fake.

Melber said on his show The Beat, “Sometimes what is important is what is obvious. He’s talking about how he might declare an emergency later. If you can delay something or schedule it or decide later whether or not it exists, it’s probably not an emergency. We have been talking about that point today. I wrote it up on the internet as we do sometimes and actually the folks that run dictionaries, They wrote this an emergency by definition is sudden and urgent, it’s usually unexpected and it requires immediate action. If you needed a dictionary for this moment in history, now you have one.”


If it is obvious to Ari Melber than it will be obvious to any judge that the legal challenge comes in front of that there is no national emergency requiring Trump to steal money from disaster relief to build his wall.

Trump himself admitted that the situation is not urgent by saying that he was going to do nothing until Congress comes back on Monday:

Real emergencies can’t wait until Monday.

The more Trump talks, the likely it becomes that he will ever see a single dime for his wall.

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