John Brennan Trashes Trump’s Terrorists On The Border Claims

Former CIA Director John Brennan destroyed Trump’s claims that he needs a wall because terrorists are coming over the border.

Brennan said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, “I don’t remember a single bona fide terrorist who came across the southern border in the eight years I worked in the Obama administration as well as years I worked in the bush and Clinton administrations. That’s not the way terrorists try to get into the United States. So, again, this is a fabrication of his own making, just to try to play to his own base and his own political whims.”


John Brennan would know if there are terrorists coming over the southern border because he was the former director of the CIA. The Trump White House has been trotting out this lie of 4,000 terrorists coming across the border for weeks. Even Fox News debunked the lie when Sarah Sanders tried to push it last Sunday.

The actual number of people who are in the terrorism database who were stopped at the border was six.

There is no terrorist threat on the border. There is no crisis on the border. The Trump administration doesn’t have a leg to stand on, as Trump has painted himself into a corner with the government shutdown, and he is getting increasingly desperate to find a way out.

However, falsely screaming terrorism is going to get Trump nowhere.

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