Sarah Sanders Melts Down Over FBI Investigation Of Trump

Sarah Sanders could only respond to the FBI investigation of Trump by claiming that Trump is tough on Russia and blaming Obama for weakness.

Sanders said in a statement:

It is revealing that all the White House Press Secretary could do in response to The New York Times report is attack the credibility of James Comey and repeat her lie that Trump has been tough on Russia.

Trump has let Putin roll all over him, including with his recent decision to pull US troops out of Syria. No American will ever forget how Putin demonstrated his ownership of Trump at the Helsinki summit.

Donald Trump admitted to NBC’s Lester Holt that he fired Comey due to the Russia investigation. Trump is on tape admitting that he fired Comey due to Russia.

Sarah Sanders couldn’t offer a factual defense for Trump. Instead, all the nation gets is more fake outrage, personal attacks, and blaming Obama. The playbook has gotten old. Soon Trump will be tweeting an attack on The New York Times because this White House can’t challenge the message, so all they can do is try to discredit the messenger.

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