Shutdown hits the wallets of federal workers

As the partial government shutdown entered its 21st day on Friday, hundreds of thousands of federal workers woke up without a paycheck.

Yahaira Jacquez reports.

While Friday often means pay day, it means nothing to the hundreds of thousands of federal workers impacted by the partial government shutdown.

It’s the first time during the 21-day budget stand-off that workers missed a paycheck.

Leaving many wondering how they will make ends meet.



“‘OK, how do I not spend anything for weeks at a time?’ because every day, I don’t know when the shutdown is going to end.

Matthew Crichton was one of hundreds of federal workers who rallied in Washington on Thursday, demanding an end to the shutdown – turning up the heat on Democrats and President Trump to end their bitter standoff over his $5 billion demand for a border wall.

Some 800,000 federal employees – from TSA screeners to FBI agents – are either furloughed or working without pay.

A reality that’s led to an increased number of TSA screeners at Miami International Airport calling in sick.

Prompting officials to make the decision to close a terminal early for the next few days.

And while there still no end in sight – some are striking back.

On Friday, the union representing air traffic controllers sued the Trump administration for forcing them to work without pay.

On Thursday, Trump seemed to confirm that if the talks fail, he would declare a national emergency to get funding for the wall, redirecting money from the Pentagon.