Former Trump Advisor Thinks It’s A Done Deal That POTUS Will Face Impeachment And Conviction

Former Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg believes it’s inevitable that his ex-boss will face impeachment and possible conviction.

In an interview with MSNBC‘s AM Joy on Saturday, Nunberg said he thinks Trump‘s biggest concern is impeachment and removal from office, and that the president has reason to be worried.

“I think he’s worried about the removal, being removed,” the former Trump advisor said. “I think it’s a foregone conclusion, personally, from a political point of view, that he’s going to be impeached.”


Nunberg said:

I think he’s worried about the removal, being removed. I think it’s a foregone conclusion, personally, from a political point of view, that he’s going to be impeached. … The articles of impeachment, the issue of removal, I think you saw this early on with Romney. This wasn’t a surprise to somebody like me. I don’t think a Mitt Romney decided he wants to be a junior senator from Utah. Ironically, the key Senator I believe during the removal – or during the conviction – would be the senior senator from Utah. … Mike Lee. Because Mike Lee is a conservative, and basically, he would be the Barry Goldwater, I would say. With that said, I think that that’s one of the reasons that he’s going to end up declaring a national emergency on the wall because it’s his base and they want it built.

The White House is in panic mode

It’s not just those outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that recognize Donald Trump is in major trouble.  The White House, too, seems to see the looming disaster ahead as they have hired 17 more lawyers to deal with the expected fallout from Robert Mueller‘s final report.

As I wrote this week, even Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani seems to be terrified over the report, which is expected within the next couple of months. The former New York mayor said he expects Mueller’s findings to be “horrific.”

With his current lawyer and former campaign official expecting the worst case scenario to play out for Donald Trump, the White House has all the reason in the world to be panicking.

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