Treasonous Ted Cruz Refuses To Subpoena Trump/Putin Meeting Notes

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) refused to stand up for his country by rejecting the idea of subpoenaing the notes from Trump’s meeting with Putin.

Transcript via Meet The Press:


How about, on the Foreign Relations Committee, the Washington Post is reporting that the president, basically, is not sharing what he discusses with Vladimir Putin behind closed doors? Do you think you guys in the Senate ought to, for instance, subpoena a translator, so that you have a real readout of what the president and Vladimir Putin are saying to each other?


You know, I think it’s premature for that. I’ve seen the allegations. I want to find out a little bit more about what happened there. I want to learn more than just the allegations in the press. Listen, I will say, if you compare, objectively, President Trump’s policies to Russia, compared to President Obama’s policies to Russia, by any measure, President Obama was much easier, was much more gentle, on Russia. You and I both recall Obama leaning over on a hot mic and saying, just before the 2012 election, “Tell Vladimir I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election.” Now, there, they weren’t keeping notes. It just happened to be a network had a camera going. If you compare substance, for example, Trump went to NATO and urged the Europeans, “Don’t let the Russians build a pipeline through Europe.” You want to talk about what actually makes a difference, standing up to Russia? That, on policy, was far, far more important than much of the weakness and appeasement we saw under Obama.


The Republican playbook is going to be to laughably pretend like Trump is tougher on Russia than Obama while running cover for Trump and blocking any serious investigation in the Senate. With Republicans losing the House, the Russia cover-up for Trump has moved to the Senate. Any Senator who was putting their country first would say that the Senate needs to see those notes and that what the president is doing is suspicious and worthy of investigation.

Ted Cruz is selling out his country to protect himself and his corrupt president.

Cruz’s comments are a reminder that the Russia scandal is more than a Trump scandal. It’s a Republican Party scandal.

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