Trump Is Begging Democrats For An Exit To His Shutdown

Trump is practically begging Democrats to bail him out of his shutdown, as he is offering DACA in exchange for anything for his wall.

Trump tweeted:

Democrats would love a DACA deal, but no wall

Democrats aren’t saying that DACA isn’t worth it. They are saying that there will be no wall.

Trump is desperate for a way out of the crisis that he caused, so he is trying to confuse the issues. When Democrats try to separate the issue of the wall from the government shutdown, Trump tries to throw everything back together in a big jumble. Trump isn’t attempting to compromise. He is blaming for the shutdown that he can’t find his way out of.

The wall isn’t happening.

Trump is begging for an exit out of the shutdown. The way out has always been right in front of the president, He can sign a deal that will fund the government, but not the wall. Democrats don’t need to negotiate. They have no demands. It is Trump who is trying to extract something out of this shutdown. The only deal that Trump is ever going to get is on the table, and the shutdown is his fault if he won’t sign it.

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