John Brennan Unloads: Trump Is Unfit And Incompetent To Protect National Security

Former CIA Director John Brennan spelled it out by saying that Trump unfit for office and too incompetent to protect national security.

Brennan said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:

I think what he was saying is there are so many things Mr. Trump has done since he assumed the office of the presidency. His acquiescence to Mr. Putin. His inexplicable one on one meeting with Helsinki where he didn’t trust his secretary of state or national security adviser to be part of that discussion with Mr. Putin. I think it raises real questions about his intentions and his lack of understanding of history and the U.S. role in the world.

Yes, you have policy differences with him, but are you saying the president of the United States can do anything? Can he decide to disband the U.S. Military and he’s democratically elected so we should accept that? No, I think Mr. Trump has demonstrated time and time again he’s unfit for office and he is incompetent in terms of the protection of our national security.


Brennan raised two different, but equally valid points. Trump is both unfit, in terms of his mental fitness to serve as president, and he is incompetent, which means that even if Trump was of clear and sound mind, he is so ignorant and lacking in knowledge that he makes terrible decisions and is on the whole incompetent.

Unfitness and incompetency are the two characteristics that define the Trump presidency. To call Trump unfit or incompetent doesn’t paint the full picture. The reality is that Trump is the perfect picture of the worst of both worlds. He is unfit and incompetent, which is why he is such a potent danger to every person in this country.

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