Mueller Is Investigating Devin Nunes Meeting At Trump Hotel

Former House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes was desperate to get rid of Mueller because the Special Counsel is investigating him.

The Daily Beast reported:

The Special Counsel’s Office and federal prosecutors in Manhattan are scrutinizing a meeting involving former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, one-time National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and dozens of foreign officials, according to three sources familiar with the investigations.


Now Nunes—a key figure behind the right-wing counter narrative that Trump is at the mercy of a “Deep State” conspiracy—finds at least one meeting that he himself attended under the special counsel’s scrutiny.

Nunes was the biggest hurdle to the Russia investigation in the Republican-controlled House. Rep. Nunes used his power as the chairman of the Intelligence Committee to block the House investigation, discredit the Special Counsel, and act as Trump‘s personal lawyer in the House of Representatives. The abuse of power was striking and in character with a House of Representatives that put the country last all times.

Rep. Nunes has not been accused of doing anything wrong, but his defense of Trump was more than partisan politics. Devin Nunes is also trying to keep himself out of criminal jeopardy.

The Russia scandal is a Republican Party scandal, and Devin Nunes could be the first House GOP domino to fall.

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