Rachel Maddow Makes A Devastating Case That Trump Is A Russian Agent

Rachel Maddow laid out how Trump is pursuing all of Putin’s dream goals, like destroying NATO, while giving the Russians more leverage over the presidency.

Maddow said:

It was just this weekend that Greg Miller at The Washington Post reported that Trump had confiscated and destroyed his own interpreter’s notes from his meeting with Putin and gone to great lengths to prevent other people in his administration to find any details what he and Putin talked about in multiple meetings. It may not be a coincidence two days later, “The New York Times” gets Trump senior officials coming to them telling them Trump is trying to achieve Putin’s most important and most treasured goal. The destruction of NATO, the most unimaginable thing in U.S. Foreign policy.

I mean, short of us dissolving ourselves, us dissolving NATO, is the most fantastical dream Russia might imagine for itself and trump is trying to do it? And Putin, of course, is sitting pretty in a couple different ways at this point, right? I mean, first of all, and apparently after very careful and risky investment on his part, Putin has a president of the United States who performs backflips on command. I mean, honestly, what else could they make him do? What else could they conceivably want other than shutting down the U.S. Government?

Trump appears to have adopted every top tear Russian objective, but on top of that, the Kremlin has to be further delighted this week, right now, this same U.S. President that does tricks on command keeps giving Russia even more leverage over him all the time. I mean, think about it. Think about that report from “The Washington Post”, what the practical implications are from Putin’s perspective. Trump may have taken, you know, confiscated and destroyed his own American interpreter’s notes but there is no reason to think Putin did the same thing, right? I mean, he took notes, too. There is a guy taking notes right there next to Putin.


Rachel Madddow: Trump Is Pursuing Russia’s Policy Objectives

Rachel Maddow made a very compelling argument with facts that Trump is working for Russia, and does Putin’s bidding on command. Trump is carrying out Russia policy objectives, and it likely didn’t cost the Russians very much money over the course of years to buy themselves a president. The Russian investment in Trump began before the presidential campaign, and now it is clear that what they were buying was a destabilizing force within the United States government.

The biggest threat to American security and power isn’t overseas. He is sitting in the White House, tweeting, and watching Fox News.

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