The Dam Is Breaking As Republicans Flee Trump and McConnell On Russia Sanctions

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) only needs a few more Republican votes to get one step closer to denying Trump and McConnell an easing of sanctions on Russia.

Democratic Leader Schumer said on The Rachel Maddow Show, “I know there were a bunch of Republicans that wanted to vote yes and Mcconnell and leadership put a lot of pressure on them to vote no, but now that I think they have seen that 11 others have voted this way, yeah, I think we have a real shot.”


Schumer had 11 Republicans join Democrats and vote in support of his privileged resolution that would stop the Trump administration from easing sanctions against three Russian companies. The number of Republicans who favor what Schumer is doing is probably closer to 70, but as Schumer said, Senate Majority Leader McConnell is putting heat on Republicans to vote no, because he is trying to protect Trump from a humiliating defeat.

If the resolution clears the 60 vote threshold to invoke cloture tomorrow, it will only require a simple majority for final passage. If it clears the vote on Wednesday, the resolution will pass and Trump and McConnell will lose.

It is an important vote that will send a message to Putin that he may own a president, but the rest of the US government is still free.

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