Nicolle Wallace Shows How Nancy Pelosi Is Humiliating Trump

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace showed how losing his State Of The Union address was a political humiliation that prevents Trump from digging out of the crisis that he created.

Wallace said, “For the first time in more than 30 years speaker Nancy Pelosi has called on Donald Trump to delay his state of the union address. Pelosi citing the longest government shutdown in this country’s history as the reason, leaving Donald Trump unwanted on that center stage he so palpably craves. Pelosi also robbing the president of an opportunity to dig out of increasingly unfavorable poll numbers. It’s a political crisis he’s created for himself and his party over a border wall that is not popular enough among the public to create any pressure on the people’s house. This humiliation caps another devastating day of headlines about Donald Trump’s subservience and secrecy when it comes to Russia.”


Trump is being rejected like a bad organ

Trump loses on multiple levels if he does not get to give a State Of The Union address. Trump loses the biggest single national platform of the entire year. Outside of presidential election day, the State Of The Union is the biggest day in American politics. Trump is going to lose a platform that would give him both national and global attention.

The State Of The Unions adds an air of legitimacy and power to any president. With reports emerging daily that cast doubt on Trump’s presidential legitimacy, he desperately needed anything that will make him look legit, but it is not going to happen unless he reopens the government.

The image of the President Of The United States not being wanted on Capitol Hill is a powerful one that Trump can’t overcome with a Fox News interview or a tweetstorm.

Pelosi is humiliating Trump and making it clear that if he can’t behave within the normal expectations of governing, he will not be given the optional perks of a platform.

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