House Democrats Caught Republicans Napping And Passed A CR To Reopen Government

House Republicans were not paying attention on the House floor, so Democrats were able to pass a Continuing Resolution by voice vote to reopen the government.

Here is how it went down:

Democrats had sympathy and undid the voice vote. They will hold a recorded vote next week:

Republicans appreciated the courtesy and shook the Majority Leader Hoyer’s hand:

Hoyer said:

On the House floor, what goes around, comes around. It was a nice gesture by Rep. Hoyer not to screw the Republicans because they weren’t paying attention. It is also good for Democrats to get Republicans on record as either breaking with Trump or supporting keeping the government closed.

Even after losing the majority, House Republicans are still showing the lack of attention to detail that led to their failure when they were in charge.

Republicans better pay attention, because the next time that they screw up, Democrats won’t be so forgiving.

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