Trump Adds To His Humiliation By Inventing Fake Details Of Pelosi Trip

Trump was mad at the media coverage over being uninvited to deliver the State Of The Union, so he canceled Nancy Pelosi’s travel to countries that she wasn’t visiting.

Trump claimed that Pelosi was going to Egypt. She was not. Pelosi was going to Brussels so that their pilot could rest. Pelosi was going to Afghanistan to gather critical intelligence information.

Here is the letter that Trump sent to Pelosi:

Speaker Pelosi’s office set the record straight:

To summarize, the White House made it sound like Pelosi was going on a trip and keeping the House out of session while the government is shut down. This was a false claim. The House will be back in session on Tuesday. Pelosi canceled Representatives district work period next week and is keeping the House in session. Pelosi wasn’t going on a PR trip that was going to keep the House out of session. Trump lied. It was a trip to see the troops and gather information about the war in Afghanistan.

Trump got it all wrong and in the process humiliated himself by canceling a trip he made up details for. The bottom line is that if Donald Trump wants the government to open all he has to do is agree to fund it.

The shutdown is Donald Trump’s problem. Speaker Pelosi is waiting for him to say yes.

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