As Mental Illness Takes Hold, Trump Calls The Left Unhinged

Trump is in the midst of a crisis that he created, and it has caused him to project his mental instability on to the left.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s mental state is deteriorating in public

The president is having a mental crisis because for the first time in his life he is being told no. Democrats are telling him that his wall is never going to happen. Trump doesn’t know what to do when he gets told no from a group of people with equal power that he has no control over, so the result has been that Trump thinks that Democrats are crazy because they won’t give him what he wants.

For 70+ years, Trump, as born rich American, has gotten what he wanted, but now Democrats are telling him no, and it causing a spectacular mental collapse.

Scrolling through Trump‘s timeline on Twitter is like reading the thoughts of a person who is psychologically unable to cope with his situation. Trump is in this situation because he has no political skills, no business skills, and little interest in learning to be better at his job.

Donald Trump is completely unequipped for conflict of any kind, which is why he can’t fire people face to face unless he is pretending to do so on TV. The President’s M.O. has been to keep power through chaos, but House Democrats have imposed order on Trump’s chaos, and the result is a president who is mentally snapping on social media.

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