A Lifeless And Defeated Trump Blames Pelosi For His Shutdown

Trump went to the Pentagon and started ranting about how his government shutdown is all Speaker Pelosi’s fault.

Trump said:

The federal government remains shut down because congressional Democrats refuse to approve border security. We’re going to have border security. It’s going to be tight, it’s going to be strong. We’re going to let people into our country gladly, but they’re going to come in legally. That includes for the farmers who need help and for others. But we are going to have powerful, strong border security.

While many Democrats in the House and Senate would like to make a deal, Speaker Pelosi will not let them negotiate. The party has been hijacked by the open borders fringe within the party. The radical left becoming the radical Democrats. Hopefully, Democrat lawmakers will step forward to do what is right for our country and what’s right for our country is border security at the strongest level. Stop human hijacking. Stop drugs. Stop gangs. Stop criminals. That’s what we’re going to do. That was my pledge and that’s what we’re going to do.


House Democrats keep passing bills to open the government, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won’t bring them to the Senate floor for a vote, because Trump refuses to sign any of them.

Trump sounded lifeless and defeated

Trump went to the Pentagon to talk about missile defense test results and used the military as a platform to push his fake border crisis and to blame Nancy Pelosi for the government shutdown. This shutdown belongs to Trump. He took ownership of it in front of the world when he declared that he would be proud to own the shutdown and that he wouldn’t blame the Democrats.

The Pentagon rant confirms what his Twitter account has been suggesting. Pelosi telling Trump no wall has sent the president into a deep mental decline.

Trump was listless and sounded defeated. He can’t even get the energy together to pretend like he can win.

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