Trump Directed Michael Cohen To Rig The Polls For Him

Trump even faked his polling momentum early in the 2016 election, as Michael Cohen hired a firm to rig online polls for in favor of Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

In early 2015, a man who runs a small technology company showed up at Trump Tower to collect $50,000 for having helped Michael Cohen, then Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, try to rig online polls in his boss’s favor before the presidential campaign.

In his Trump Organization office, Mr. Cohen surprised the man, John Gauger, by giving him a blue Walmart bag containing between $12,000 and $13,000 in cash and, randomly, a boxing glove that Mr. Cohen said had been worn by a Brazilian mixed-martial arts fighter, Mr. Gauger said.

Michael Cohen said that Trump directed him to rig the polls:

Cohen’s behavior is a perfect example of why online polls, like the ones that Trump has been touting, are completely worthless. Anyone with a relatively small amount of money can rig an online poll to get the result that they want.

The poll rigging itself is indicative of a mindset that Trump was trying to cheat his way into the White House from the moment that he launched his campaign. If Trump would cheat in an online poll, he would also see nothing wrong with conspiring and accepting assistance for a hostile foreign government.

Trump was trying to make himself look more popular than what he was, which is what Trump has done for his entire life. Trump has faked his success, his wealth, and political popularity.

Republican primary voters and Republican candidates were cheated in 2015-1016. They were sold a bill of goods, as Trump was conning them the whole time. He even rigged the polls.

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