Tom Steyer’s Campaign To Impeach Trump Passes 7 Million Supporters

In 15 months, Tom Steyer’s Need To Impeach campaign has grown to over 7 million Americans demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump.

According to a statement from Need To Impeach as provided to PoliticusUSA, “The Need to Impeach campaign founded by Tom Steyer has just surpassed 7 million supporters. The milestone comes just 15 months after Steyer launched the campaign through a series of television ads and two weeks after he committed an additional $40 million to pressure the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to start impeachment proceedings immediately and to convince 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to support impeachment.”


Tom Steyer said, “The American public has had enough of the career criminal residing in the White House. Since before taking office, Trump has used the White House to enrich himself and his family at all costs while ignoring the rule of law and eroding our democratic institutions. I and seven million people urge Congress to act and start impeachment proceeding immediately.”

As More Facts Emerge, It Less Likely That Steyer Will Need To Pressure Congress To Impeach

Democrats have moved up their timeline on impeachment, and if the evidence dictates, they may not wait for the Mueller report to be released. Steyer’s organization was founded on the belief that Democrats would have to be pressured to impeach Trump, but it is looking increasingly likely that Democrats will pursue impeachment on their own.


If this happens, one hopes that Need To Impeach will change their mission from pressuring Democrats to supporting their efforts. Millions of Americans are ready to impeach Donald Trump, and with each passing day of the government shutdown, one suspects that the number of those demanding impeachment is only growing larger.