Trump Tried To Use MLK To Distract From His Shutdown And It Backfired


Trump and Pence showed up the MLK memorial, laid a wreath, and then ran away from reporters asking about their government shutdown.

Trump and his vice president made no public remarks about Dr. King. This event appeared to be impulsively slapped together as reporters were given two minutes notice that Trump and Pence were visiting. Trump delivered no prepared remarks. The president and vice president said nothing in honor of King and looked like they were going through the motions while putting in the bare minimum of effort.



Trump could avoid questions about the shutdown

Reporters asked Trump and Pence as they fled, ” Are you going to talk about the shutdown at all, and when is the last time you spoke with House Speaker Pelosi?”

One gets the sense that Trump was watching TV in the White House and decided that he had to win the media day by going out and looking like he was doing something presidential. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is getting the headlines for announcing her presidential campaign, so Trump thought that he had to do something to get back on television.

Trump can’t avoid the shutdown. He can run from questions, but there is no event that he can hold where the shutdown won’t follow him. Trump tried to use MLK Day to change the subject, but like a shadow, his shutdown is going to follow him everywhere that he goes.

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