As Mueller Closes In, Trump Kills The White House Press Briefing

Trump has killed the White House press briefing at the same time that Robert Mueller is closing in and the American people need answers.

Trump tweeted:

The White House Correspondents Association responded:

By fairness, Trump means the press should repeat his propaganda

Trump has made it very clear that he expects the press to repeat his false lies and statements while never questioning him., Kellyanne Conway suggested that what she and Trump want is to have the ability to control what the American people see, hear, and read in their news. This isn’t a question of fairness. Trump doesn’t believe in press freedom. This administration can’t answer questions from objective journalists, so they retreat to Fox News and other conservative outlets.

Mueller is closing in, and Trump is trying to dodge questions

It is not a coincidence that as Mueller is preparing his final report this White House makes it official that they will not be holding briefings and taking questions from the press. Trump is running scared. The president doesn’t understand that he can’t control the press narrative by talking to his friends at Fox News.

Mueller is coming and now Trump decides that his administration won’t be holding press briefings.

Those two things are not unrelated.

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