Donny Deutsch Says He Witnessed Trump’s Crimes In Real Time

Donny Deutsch said on MSNBC that he witnessed Trump trying to obstruct Michael Cohen’s testimony with threats in real time.

Deutsch said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

I’ll give it to you in real time because I had a front-row seat. I happen to be speaking to Michael after the interview. He said I’m not doing it. I’m not testifying. My wife is sitting here crying. They’re calling out my poor father-in-law, 80-something, a man who’s never done anything. He watches his wife cry every he said I’m not doing it, so I literally saw the obstruction of justice in real time. I said Michael, he’s insulated now it can be brought out, he said he’s the President of the United States. He can do whatever he wants. So that’s where it started.

There are other threats happening, that happen every day that magnified a thousand-fold. The things he gets written to about his daughter that are so heinous as soon as he starts to talk about testifying in Congress. He volunteered in the first place. I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing. He volunteered to do this. He was not asked and he was anxious to do it because he does have a story to tell. What the American public can take solace in, they may not get their Perry Mason moment but he’s given 70 hours to Mueller. He’s spoken already to the Senate. There’s nothing new he’s going to say that he can say. And the other thing he pulled out in that announcement, he’s still cooperating. They’re ongoing things.


What Trump Did To Michael Cohen Was Witness Tampering

Trump was engaging in textbook witness tampering. Trump was worried about how it would look to have his secrets spilled by Cohen in public in front of Congress and the entire country. Trump didn’t want Cohen dominating the news headlines with his testimony for days. Depending on what Cohen said, he could end up fast tracking impeachment.

If Cohen doesn’t testify voluntarily, Democrats will subpoena him. Democrats have already offered to increase security for Cohen and his family. Trump is committing a felony in public, and when the articles of impeachment are drafted, witness tampering needs to be among the charges.