House Democrats To Subpoena Michael Cohen And Make Him Testify

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen postponed his testimony before Congress, so House Democrats are going to subpoena Cohen to testify.

Rep. Stephen Lynch, a senior member of the House Oversight Committee told NBC News:

Michael Cohen and his family are afraid to appear because of threats made by Trump against his family. Trump’s threats to Cohen and his family are defined under the law as witness tampering. They are a felony, and they carry a 20-year prison sentence.

It is possible that Cohen wanted to subpoenaed and forced to testify as a way of turning Trump’s wrath toward the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. There is a possibility that Michael Cohen ends up testifying in a closed session. As much as most Americans want to hear the truth about Trump’s activities, if Cohen fears for the safety of his family, it wouldn’t be surprising if the committee does at least part of his testimony in closed session.

Michael Cohen isn’t going to get out of testifying.

Trump’s efforts to intimidate Cohen into silence have only made things worse, as Democrats are going to use their subpoena power to get his former lawyer’s testimony one way or the other.

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