Nancy Pelosi’s Support Rises As She Forces Trump To Own His Government Shutdown

As Nancy Pelosi continues to school Donald Trump over the ongoing government shutdown, her popularity among the American people is rising.

According to a CBS News poll released on Wednesday, Americans believe Pelosi – by double digits – is handling shutdown negotiations better than Trump.

The survey finds that 47 percent back Pelosi’s efforts to re-open the government, compared to 35 percent who say Trump is coming off as the better deal-maker.

Another survey from AP-NORC shows the president’s support tanking among women, college graduates and independent voters.

All of this polling data comes as Pelosi humiliated Trump on Wednesday by blocking his latest attempt to deliver the State of the Union.

As Jason Easley pointed out earlier, Nancy Pelosi has simply been owning the president since she took control of the gavel earlier this month.

Trump and Republicans have created a disaster

By following Donald Trump off a political cliff, Republicans have created a disaster for themselves. At this point, there is no good way for them to back out of Trump’s government shutdown.

If they accept a deal to reopen the government without any wall funding, they look weak and will anger the small but loud Trump base – even if the majority of the American people oppose a shutdown over the president’s pet project.

But if the GOP continues to hold the government hostage simply so Trump can get money to build an unpopular vanity wall on the southern border, the American people will know who to blame.

After all, Democrats in the House continue to pass GOP-supported legislation that would reopen the government, but Senate Republicans refuse to take it up, even though they approved similar measures last month.

As hundreds of thousands of workers suffer through this Trump-GOP shutdown, there are no winners. But Democrats in Congress, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have shrewdly made the president own the pain he is causing all across the country.

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