Trump Pouts After Nancy Pelosi Blocks His SOTU Before Congress

Trump pouted and claimed that Democrats are radicalized and are pro-crime after Speaker Pelosi blocked his SOTU address to a joint session of Congress.

Trump said, “I’m not surprised. It is really a shame what’s happening with the Democrats, they become radicalized, they don’t want to see crimes stop which we can easily build a southern border. It is a shame of what’s happening for the Democrats. This will go on for the while. The American people will have their way because they want to see no crime and what we are doing. We lowered precipitation drug prices for the first time in 15 years. The Democrats would never have been able to do that. We are all working very hard. We’ll have to respond to it in a timely manner.”


Democrats aren’t pro-crime, because they believe that a wall is a dumb and ineffective solution. That’s just silly. Secondly, Trump has been lying about lowering prescription drug prices for months. What the president is saying is simply not true.

Trump is pouting because Pelosi blocked his State Of The Union

There are government workers and contractors who can’t afford to pay their rent or mortgage, buy food, or pay for medicine, and Donald Trump continues to show no concern for their well being. Trump is mad because Democrats won’t allow him to give a State Of The Union address while people are suffering due to a government shutdown that he caused.

The president can go pout. He can go hold a “State Of The Union” rally in some red state where he will be welcomed, but what he can’t do is hurt the American people, and then get rewarded with a joint session of Congress.

Democrats are taking a stand, and not rewarding Trump for his shutdown.

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