Mitch McConnell Is Caving After Shutdown Senate Vote Disaster

Trump was embarrassed on the Senate floor after the Democratic bill to end the shutdown got more votes than his, and now Mitch McConnell wants to negotiate with the Democrats.

Robert Costa reported on MSNBC, “A few minutes ago, Nicolle, I asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell what’s next, what now after these two votes failed in his chamber that he was as usual stone-faced, no comment. But if you watched him on the Senate floor in the last hour, he was huddling with Republican senators. Senator Schumer said Mcconnell called him to his office. Now because these bills failed and the Democratic one got more votes in the Republican-controlled Senate than the Republican proposal the president support, it’s now time negotiate based on my conversations with senators.”


The Republican shutdown cave has begun

There aren’t enough votes to get Trump his wall money in the Senate. There are never going to be enough votes to get Trump his wall money in the Senate. Republican support for Trump’s position appears to be eroding. McConnell is in a position of great weakness. If Republicans want to cut a deal to end the shutdown in the Senate, that’s great, but if it contains one cent of funding for the wall, the bill will not pass the House.

Republicans are in the process of caving. The House Democratic plan that would spend $5 billion on border security, but no money for the wall looks like a great starting point. Trump needs to forget about the wall. It’s not happening. He doesn’t have the support in his own party for the wall.

Mitch McConnell is caving, which means that Republicans are finally breaking away from Trump on the shutdown.

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