Pelosi Tightens The Screws On Trump By Not Offering A Penny For The Wall

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats will be making a new offer to Trump to end the shutdown that contains not one single penny of funds for his wall.

Manu Raju of CNN tweeted:

Trump’s approval rating is plummeting due to the shutdown

Trump’s already low job approval rating has plunged eight points in a month to 34%. Voters favor Pelosi’s position to Trump’s on the shutdown (47%-35%). If Trump wants to end this shutdown before it politically destroys him, he will have to do it on Democratic terms. Democrats are more than willing to fight about the wall and border security, but until the government is reopened.

Trump has to release his federal worker hostages before Democrats talk to him about border security.

The wall is a non-starter. It can’t pass the House or the Senate.

Democrats are not budging

Democrats aren’t going to budge on the wall, because they don’t have to. The only Democratic demand is that the government be reopened. As soon as Trump reopens the government, Democrats have gotten all that they wanted. It is Donald Trump who needs to get a wall out the crisis that he created. Democrats aren’t going to move. Trump has put a self-destructive force of political inertia into play.

Trump created this crisis, and there is less than zero percent chance that Democrats will bail him out.

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